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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
According to Dave Winer, Microsoft's view on malware such as spyware is ultimately poisonous to the computing environment in which we pass our cyber lives. Like a lot of observers/participant's in the tech scene, I've had some negative views of Microsoft. I don't think we can blame this one on them however. When you have a de-regulatory ethos in place in government and the "common sense" answer to most business questions is said to be let business go, and we will all prosper, is it any surprise that the environment takes a hit. From Bhopal to Nimbda, it doesn't matter what your context is, business can NOT regulate itself or govern itself effectively without outside intervention.

It's the way the market works. The market pays attention to what it wants to, and not what citizens think it should. That's the role of regulatory agencies. This could be the Privacy Commissioner in Canada or the FTC in the U.S. Either way, without those interventions, forcing a level playing field at a higher level of ethical responsibility, the situation will go on.

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