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Friday, July 22, 2005
  www.GovExec.com - DHS policy shop may reshape agency priorities (7/20/05)
So what's the subtext?
www.GovExec.com - DHS policy shop may reshape agency priorities (7/20/05): "Privacy abuses, Baker said, can be prevented by controlling access to data, conducting electronic audits, and through a cryptographic tool known as anonymization, which allows data to be shared while still controlling conditions of access to that data. For example, lists could be encrypted and then compared electronically. Only items common to both lists would be identified."
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  blog*on*nymity - bloggin On the Identity Trail
Here's an interesting commentary by outgoing B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis:

blog*on*nymity - bloggin On the Identity Trail: "Before privacy laws or the Charter, there was little if anything to stop police or national security operatives from cajoling or coercing information from private sector organizations. A civic-minded government department or company could blab all it wanted about its customers or employees."


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