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Friday, December 17, 2004
  maisonneuve :: eclectic curiosity

Jonathon Monpetit of MediaScout says, "Yesterday, Britain’s law lords, who preside over the UK’s highest court of appeal, ruled in a blockbuster decision that Britain’s anti-terrorism law contravenes the European Charter of Rights. The pronouncement was unequivocal in its criticism: Britain’s anti-terror legislation is xenophobic and discriminatory. What the law lords took issue with are clauses allowing foreigners to be detained without any of the traditional liberties afforded to defendants, such as a trial, while citizens are spared such treatment. Canada has similar laws and provisions to those currently being held to the fire in Britain. But Anne McLellan, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, has said there are no plans for a review of this country’s anti-terrorist legislation. At least Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has said he will consider the British ruling carefully. "

Shame on you Ms. McLellan!


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