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Thursday, December 09, 2004
  InfoWorld: Bootstrapping the semantic Web: December 03, 2004: By Jon Udell : APPLICATIONS
InfoWorld: Bootstrapping the semantic Web: December 03, 2004: By Jon Udell : APPLICATIONS: "It's tempting to draw parallels between the careers of Albert Einstein and Tim Berners-Lee. Both men made world-transforming breakthroughs and then pursued even grander visions. Einstein, of course, never found the unified theory he sought for three decades. A lot of people think Berners-Lee's vision of a semantic Web will prove equally elusive. "

This sounds pretty interesting. The reason that I named this blog Webistemology, other than that play on words, was to reinforce the idea in my head that the Web provides on filters. Heck, that's why I can publish like this. So how do we know what we know about the web? A semanticly self-aware Web connected as suggested here?


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