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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
  Can Exposing Personal Info Preserve Privacy?
Can Exposing Personal Info Preserve Privacy?

This article summarizes an interesting approach to privacy put forward by Danny Weitzner. The approach is Openness as a Privacy Protection Strategy, and is an interesting take, to say the least. My reading of this is that he argues that since privacy by obscurity or security is no longer feasible, it makes for better protection of privacy to bring the data into the open, so that you can effectively control who has access to it and why. He says, "This is the transparency paradox: Amid the explosion of the collection of personal information, privacy protection requires that we embrace the transparency of information systems in order to ensure that information is used properly. Giving people a window into the information collected about them, and control over its use, can help put the transparent enterprise on the right side of privacy protection."


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