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Monday, May 03, 2004
  It's on its way!
After increasing frustration with the second oldest of the machines in the house, we are going to take delivery of our brand new 1.25 GHz eMac with SuperDrive [CD & DVD RW] TOMORROW!

The old machine, Anna's 4 year old HP Pavilion 8575C, has done yeoman service running Win98 but enough is frigging enough. I'm going to nuke the drive after we scoop the files she needs off it, and install the new version of SUSE Linux that is coming off the shelves next week. The oldest computer in the house, an old PII 233 Dell Latitude, has been running RedHat Linux as my web and samba server for years. I see no reason to doubt that the HP will be reinvigorated as a Linux workstation.

The plan is for Anna to use the eMac for her standard sufing/e-mail/office type stuff, and we'll both start to experiment with it's audio and still image capabilities.

BTW, I ordered this over the phone from Apple in California late last Wednesday. If the web site tracking the shipment is to be believed I will receive the boxes tomorrow - 4 working days later. Ground shipment. No extra charge.

Kudos to Mark, the rep that I talked to at Apple.
Kudos to Apple for being clued in on how to do the simple things just right.

Stay tuned for the bitching if I don't get delivery tomorrow

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